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Welcome to the combined Woodlake community website.  (the Woodlake neighborhood news website) and  (the OFFICIAL Woodlake Property Owners Association website) are combined, here, to provide all Woodlake property owners current and accurate information about their community.  

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This section contains OFFICIAL INFORMATION of the Woodlake Property Owners Association (WPOA).  Other information found on this website is provided by Woodlake property owners or public service entities and is not the responsibility of the  WPOA.
Woodlake Neighborhood Watch Program 
The Lake Belton to Stillhouse Hollow water pipeline project is now being reported by Temple Daily Telegram.
Official ACC construction request form
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Fire at 7272 Woodlake Circle, 9-25-2011  (exclusive VIDEO) email policy
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Oak Wilt in Woodlake - update.  After BOD alert, one responsible property owner takes action.  (VIDEO)
Oak Wilt infected tree brought down in Woodlake  (VIDEO)
Residents near the end of Blue Ridge Drive receive new fire hydrant
This section contains UNOFFICIAL INFORMATION provided by Woodlake property owners.   All Woodlake property owners are invited to submit news they feel would be of interest to other Woodlake citizens. will confirm and publish as appropriate.
Tree Stump carving at Woodlake   (VIDEO)
Latest aerial views of Woodlake
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439 Water Supply now has a website.  Pay your water bill online.
Woodlake landlords are responsible for their tenants' compliance with restrictive covenants
Woodlake POA Policy Manual
Woodlake now has upgraded ISO rating which should effect your casualty insurance premium
Bell County Sheriff Deputy gets Surveillance Camera briefing from Woodlake resident

This beautiful animal found shot dead in Woodlake.  Read the entire story under the PHOTO.
Important message for Woodlake dog/cat owners.
WHAT YOU DO NOT KNOW  about Woodlake's Neighborhood Watch Program
Belton Police begin security camera survrillance program similar to Woodlake's program
Sparta VFD gets IRS tax exempt status AND gets ISO rating improvement for Sparta Valley (documents)
Have you thanked your Board members, lately?  Here's what do they do for you
DRONES in Woodlake;  Who controls that airspace above your house?
11 recent spectacular aerial photos of WOODLAKE SECTION ONE 

13 recent spectacular aerial photos of CLIFFS PHASE TWO
16 recent spectacular aerial photos of CLIFFS OF WOODLAKE 
A Lakeside Community
Belton, Texas

Pit bull attack in Woodlake Neighborhood   (Read entire story near album title at top of the page)
Update on the condition of the toy poodle that was victim of pit bull attack 17 October 2014
The pit bulls who attacked Woodlake resident & poodle 2 weeks ago were seen roaming Woodlake properties, again, 2 Nov 2014
Pit bulls attack animals, again, in Woodlake subdivision: 2 Nov 2014
Final report on pit bull incident.  Compensation paid and pit bulls removed from neighborhood.  (Read description under each photo)
3 local boys honored for their response to the 17 Nov 2014 attack by pit bull dogs
Coyote seen in Woodlake  (read description below video)
Woodlake Neighbor  CAUGHT ON TAPE  doing a good deed
Another report of Woodlake pedestrian encounter with aggressive dogs
Woodlake Neighborhood Night Out 2016 
---After Action Report
The case of the "Comfort Hens" 
---Here is what our Texas Government says about it
Home  CHICKEN  Danger 
(Temple Daily Telegram, 20 October 2017, front page) 

Federal judge says local communities can't ban DRONE flights over private property.  Story here  and  here.
Sparta VFD responds to 2 Woodlake emergency calls in 3 days
Court hearings:
Discrimination case
Appellate case
TPWD bases new drone in Temple
Texas appellate court decides in favor of Woodlake:
The case
The decision
Court's memo of the decision
Several WPOA 2018 annual meeting attendees supported this anti-annexation effort
Bell County Burn Ban Status 
Fire at Sparta Rd 19Feb2018 
Recent Wildfire Activity near Woodlake area
Letter from the President:  Woodlake Vehicle Parking Policy 
Sparta VFD Christmas Run 2018  PHOTO 
Cliffs of Woodlake building lot for sale.  Prepped for building.  Photo, details and owner contact information  PRICE REDUCED
Woodlake physician receives 3.2 million in medical research grants
Woodlake pet-finder page.
We will let you know if your pet becomes "at large" in Woodlake.
Fire, 3 December 2019, VIDEO 
Sparta VFD fundraiser off with a "bang" 
Fire, 13 January 2020, VIDEO 
Bruce Stokes died 25 January 2020.  He was a special neighbor and friend to the entire Woodlake community.  He will be greatly missed.
Woodlake Neighborhood Watch News, August 2020
 Online grocery ordering:  Blessing?  Security risk? 
Our Fire Department needs our help with new location site

Snow in Woodlake  6 February 2020

Sparta Fire Department helps save another home 10 March 2020 

Map of recent Woodlake tree trimmings by Oncore contractors 
2020 BOD member election results and vote count  
Slides from the 2020 WPOA All-Members Meeting 29 March 
Message to Woodlake Community residents regarding COVID-19 and offer to help 
Draft Minutes for 2020 WPOA All-Members Meeting 29 March 
Mrs. Anne Broady, co-founder of Woodlake, dead at 101 

Required dog courtesy in Woodlake
ACC Meeting minutes 25 July 2020 
Connie Stokes nominated for Woodlake Board of Directors  More information and her qualifications 
WILD MUSTANG GRAPES  Fresh hand-picked
Schism within Woodlake Property Owners Association Leadership
New Sparta fire station progress as of 22 July 2020 
Texas Appellate Court decision 30 July 2020