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We report suspicious activity to our neighbors who have guns
Belton Lake water level and percent full
Welcome to the combined Woodlake community website.
Woodlake.net  (the Woodlake neighborhood news website) and  WoodlakeOnline.net  (the OFFICIAL Woodlake Property Owners Association website) are combined, here, to provide all Woodlake property owners current and accurate information about their community.  
The official web address for the Woodlake Neighborhood Watch program is WoodlakeNeighborhoodWatch.com
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Research Center
A Lakeside Community, Belton, Texas

Federal judge says local communities can't ban DRONE flights over private property.  Story here  and  here.
Texas appellate court decides in favor of Woodlake:
The case
The decision
Court's memo of the decision
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4 Oct 2020 BOD meeting was well planned and executed, despite disagreements between BOD members.  MINUTES PENDING.