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Woodlake  Neighborhood Watch Incident Report
A Woodlake property owner reported an incident that involved two uncontrolled dogs on Woodlake Circle. The incident occurred on 2 November 2015 at the intersection of Woodlake Circle and Blue Ridge Drive. A 69 year old pedestrian, walking a small dog, encountered the two “at large” dogs in the street. The pedestrian reported that one of the "at large" dogs became aggressive; threatening both the small dog and the pedestrian. The pedestrian took defensive action against the larger, more aggressive of the two dogs with a shot of pepper spray. Both of the “at large” dogs quickly retreated and the pedestrian and small dog were able to leave the area without harm. A Bell County Sheriff report was made the following day.

This was one of 4 reports of aggressive dogs on or near Woodlake Circle, within the past few years. Two of those four incidents involved a Woodlake resident victim with serious injuries. In two of those cases, the aggressive dogs lived on a property at Woodlake Circle. There was no victim, in this case, because the potential victim was prepared to defend.

Woodlake subdivision deed restrictions and Bell County law both prohibit dogs from being uncontrolled or “at large” on the street, for any length of time. See the Bell County regulation HERE. Woodlake residents commonly walk the streets of our subdivision; often with their own leashed dog. Pedestrian residents are well advised to be prepared to defend themselves (and their pets) when approached by “at large” dogs. There is no requirement for a pedestrian to wait for an “at large” dog to attempt to bite before defending himself or herself. Any aggressive or challenging behavior by the “at large” dog justifies defensive action. Dangerous or threatening Incidents should be reported to Bell County Sheriff Animal Control Officer at (254) 933-5412.