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Update on the condition of Bobo, the toy poodle that was the victim of a vicious pit bull attack Friday evening, 17 October 2014.

The veterinarian says Bobo will probably fully recover from the vicious pit bull attack on Woodlake Circle, 17 October 2014  (See full story at the top of THIS PAGE).  The 9 pound toy poodle underwent emergency surgery after the incident, Friday night.  He had 5 deep puncture wounds on his belly and his back that required sutures to close the wounds.  He lost 2 teeth in the attack.  He had several other scrapes and bruises.  Luckily, no vital organs were damaged and no bones were broken in the few seconds that the owner lost control of the poodle to one of the pit bulls.

After surgery to close his wounds, Bobo spent Friday night in the animal hospital under sedation.  He returned home Saturday.  He is taking regular pain medication and antibiotics.  He can already walk about 5 or 6 steps before he must sit down and rest.  He is apparently not in constant pain because he can doze off and fall asleep when he is not moving.  He does need to change positions every 20 or 30 minutes because he is not comfortable lying on either side for a long period.  Two of his wounds are still draining blood and fluid.  He needs continuous care for the time being. The veterinarian has scheduled follow-up appointments.  Someday, he will be walking the subdivision, again.  But, not any time soon.

We thank the Sparta Volunteer Fire Department for responding to the incident and helping to get Bobo’s veterinarian on the phone for emergency medical assistance.  We also thank several neighbors for first aid help and transportation help.  Most of all, we thank the 3 boys who courageously pulled the attacking pit bulls away from Bobo and his owner.  That deed almost certainly saved Bobo’s life.