Board of Directors Meeting Minutes
Woodlake Property Owners' Association
Minutes of the Annual All-Members Meeting, March 5, 2006

1- Tom Kirwan, President of the Association, opened the meeting at 2:10pm with opening remarks included instructions for signing-in and updating address, phone number and e-mail address records.

2- Tom Kirwan read the minutes from last year's annual meeting.  Motion to approve was carried unanimously.  

3- Debbi duPlooy, Treasurer, presented the treasurer's report.  $6,984.02 balance per check book.  $923.30 checks still to clear.  Year 2006 dues will be collected this month.

4- Architectural Control Committee Chair, Howard Swaim, provided a briefing about community construction projects.  One project is currently open and yet to gain approval:  The proposed swimming pool at 4467 Blue Ridge Drive (Smith's home).

5- Debbie Kirwan presented the Social Committee report.  The single event last year was the Christmas Party held at 7000 Palisades Point (Smyth's home).  A Christmas Party is planned again for 2006.  A host for the party is not yet identified.  A summer party is a possibility but, not yet planned.

6- Tom Kirwan led the discussion about Old Business:
a- The problem of approximately 15 dogs living at 4391 Blue Ridge Drive was resolved favorably with the help of Attorney John Galligan ($200 fee).  After a lawsuit was filed, the family moved from the residence and took their dogs.  
b- Efforts to influence Mrs. Ann Broady to deed to the Association (at no cost to the Association) the land on both sides of the Woodlake entrance, have not been successful.  These two small strips of land include the entrance decorative structures.  Also unsuccessful, have been efforts to influence Mrs. Broady to remove the dilapidated building from her lot (bellcad #130526).  Efforts to contact her and influence her to act will continue.
c- The shed for the riding mower and weed trimmer, approved last year, was built within budget.  The shed is located near the tennis courts and houses the mowing equipment.

7- Tom Kirwan led the discussion about New Business:
a- The current mowing allotment ($750 per year) has not been enough to get all common areas and frontage of empty lots mowed as often as preferred.  Tom Kirwan asked for additional funding.  After discussion, the annual allotment was raised to $1,200.  Approved unanimously.  J.M. Saxon (7035 Palisades Point) volunteered to coordinate the mowing including the dates and the person doing the mowing.  
b- Attorney John Galligan, Belton, was approved, unanimously, as the unofficial first choice attorney for the Association.  His handling of the dog nuisance problem (described in "Old Business, above) was efficient, professional and reasonably priced.
c- Addendum #1 to the Association By-Laws which was approved at last year's meeting, was made official this year (signed by the Directors) and published.  (By-laws govern the activities and powers of the Board of Directors) This addendum provides for a possible fine of not more than $100 per day against association members who violate restrictive covenants, after opportunity to be heard and opportunity to correct the violation. 
d. Reminder by Tom Kirwan:  the Woodlake Property Owners' Association website ( has many resources for members including contact information.
e. Dave Palmer made a motion to mail the planned annual meeting agenda out with the treasurer's billing for annual dues each year, along with a note that the minutes will be posted on the Association website, soon after the meeting.  Seconded by Mac Hoppock.  Passed unanimously.  
f. Carl Johnson made a motion to save money by disconnecting water service to one of the three water service areas in Woodlake common areas.  This water point (near the tennis courts) was not being used.  Seconded by Sherry Lovern.  Passed unanimously. 
g- Tom Kirwan's (president) and Dave Palmer's (vice-president) terms on the Board of Directors expire this month.  DonnaLee Pollack and Marcus Carr were elected by paper ballot to replace Kirwan and Palmer.  A motion to approve Pollack and Carr as newly elected Board members was made by Carl Johnson, seconded by Howard Swaim and approved unanimously.  Tom Kirwan agreed to call a meeting later this month to transition the new Board members onto the Board.  Officers (president, vice-president, secretary, treasurer) will be elected/re-elected by the new Board of Directors at that meeting. 
8- The meeting was adjourned at 3:40 pm. 

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