Who uses this website? was designed and is maintained as a public service to members of the Woodlake Property Owners’ Association.  It’s the best single source of information about your Woodlake community and the Woodlake Property Owners’ Association.  Much of the information available, here, is not obtainable from any other source. 

The website is used primarily by Association members; both those who are local and those who live elsewhere.  The website is also used by Realtors involved in the purchase or sale of Woodlake properties.  Prospective purchasers of Woodlake properties are also directed to the website for information.  Builders and contractors use the website to refer to  restrictions, covenants and ACC requirements. averages 65-75 different visitors per day, according to the embedded hit counter.  Recently, was 30th of more than three million world-wide listings by Google when searching the word "woodlake".

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How do I contact a member of our Board of Directors?
Contact information for members of the Board of Directors is at THIS PAGE.

How do I know what my Board of Directors is doing?
You can monitor the dates of Board meetings and the minutes of those meetings at THIS PAGE.  Monitor this website for additional information about Board of Directors activities.

What does the ACC do?
Our Architectural Control Committee (ACC) controls the building of structures, including significant landscaping, on Woodlake lots.  This includes initial building and changes to existing structures.  The ACC uses our Restrictive Covenants to make its decisions.  Plans for any building/alteration must be submitted to the ACC for approval before construction can be authorized.  See ACC purpose and function at THIS PAGE.  A construction application form can be found on the same page.

Where can I find information about who owns Woodlake properties?
You can find property records at THIS PAGE.

Where can I find information about which Woodlake properties are for sale, descriptions of those properties, contact information and asking price?
You can find that information at THIS PAGE.

What are the Restrictive Covenants?
Our Restrictive Covenants are our basic community standards for building and maintaining our properties. They were put into place when our community was founded and have never been altered.  Each member of Woodlake signed an agreement to abide by them.  They are not “guidelines.”  They are specific rules enforceable by law.

Your Board of Directors should enforce our covenants.  You can see a copy of your restrictive covenants at THIS PAGE.  If you’re not sure in which section of Woodlake you live, you can find out on THIS PAGE.  Then, proceed to the applicable covenants for your section.

What are our bylaws?
Our bylaws are the rules for the operation of the non-profit corporation called the Woodlake Property Owners’ Association.  The Association is a business as defined and regulated by the TEXAS PROPERTY CODE, Chapter 201 and Chapter 202. The bylaws define the duties, terms, meetings and primary office of the members of the Board of Directors.  You can view a copy of our bylaws at THIS PAGE.

If I’m having a problem with a neighbor violating our restrictive covenants, what can I do?
You have the right, of course, to communicate with your neighbor and ask him/her to comply.  You have the right to submit a formal complaint to the Board of Directors.  Your Board of Directors has the authority to enforce the covenant being violated.  You may also bring suit, yourself, against the violator.  A copy of the formal complaint form is at THIS PAGE.

How can I learn about the local Belton community area and where can I find directions for getting there?
You can learn about Belton, Texas and surrounding communities and local schools at THIS PAGE.  You can find directions to Woodlake HERE.

Have a question?  Want a straight answer?  E-mail to

What is the purpose of these covenants?
Our covenants were established by the founders of our community as the minimum standards of construction, maintenance and appearance of our community.  They serve to guarantee every purchaser of a Woodlake property that other property owners will be required to maintain their property at certain standards.  When covenants are in place and properly enforced, property values in general cannot be degraded by the actions of a few property owners who do not want to maintain minimum standards.  Our covenants are similar to the "city codes" adopted by Belton, Temple, Killeen and other surrounding cities that prohibit parking on lawns, trash in yards and require grass be cut regularly, etc.  Your Board of Directors has been given the power of "code enforcement" by our bylaws and the TEXAS PROPERTY CODE, Chapter 201 and Chapter 202.

Do I have the right to view and copy Association financial records?
All Association records are available for viewing and copying by any Association member at the principal office of the Association during normal business hours, 9am to 5pm, Monday thru Friday (Association Bylaws, Section 8.1) 

Why is some construction pre-approved by the Architectural Control Committee and some not?

All Woodlake construction must be pre-approved by the Architectural Control Committee (ACC).  Our Restrictive Covenants require that approval.  For example, Woodlake Section One covenants read; “2.02   No building, fence, wall or other structure shall be built, placed or altered on any lot until the construction plans and specifications and the plot plans showing the location thereof have been approved in writing by the Architectural Control Committee.”  

The ACC, however, has only the power to approve or reject construction plans.  The ACC does not have authority to enforce Restrictive Covenants.  The Board of Directors has the authority to enforce our Restrictive Covenants.  Neighbors who accomplish construction, without first requesting approval, are ignoring our covenants, snubbing the Board of Directors and snubbing their neighbors who follow the rules.  Violators also place themselves in the untenable position of having illegal construction on their property when it comes time to sell.

Political friction in the Woodlake community seems to be escalating in recent years.  It’s escalating on the National level as well but, I’m not sure I understand the local, Woodlake issues.  Can you help me?

There’s really only one big local issue:  Some property owners want our deed restrictions enforced swiftly, consistently, equally and unemotionally.  Others prefer a more flexible, more negotiable, less deliberate and less definite approach to enforcement of the rules.  Others don't want the rules enforced, at all.  In either case, the Board of Directors (BOD) has our authority and power to enforce community standards and is therefore the subject of the issue.

Who runs this website? is administered by a group of Woodlake property owners.  As a Woodlake property owner, you can have input to the website by sending your comments to

What is the purpose of this website?
The purpose of is to provide Woodlake property owners with news and information about their community and information about their local Woodlake government (Board of Directors).

Where is Woodlake?
Woodlake is a lakeside community of about 70 home sites in central Bell County, Texas.  It is just outside the NW city limits of Belton, Texas and near the SW shore of Lake Belton.  Homes have been built on 52 of the 70 properties.