Is the proposed Sparta Valley Vol. Fire Dep. important for Woodlake?
Essential.  I think we need it.
I don't care; either way
Not important.  We don't need it.

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Should Woodlake support its Neighborhood Watch program?
YES.  It would be good for our community.
I don't care; either way.
NO.  It would not be helpful to our community.

What should be the Website Committee's Policy on editorials?
Publish editorials from both Committee members and regular Woodlake property owners.
Publish editorials from regular Woodlake property owners but, never Committee members.
Never publish any editorials from anyone.  Just stick to straight news.

Should Woodlake covenants (rules) be enforced?
Yes, by the Woodlake Board of Directors (BOD)
Yes, by individual property owners as they see fit
No, there should be no enforcement of the rules by anyone
I don't care