Woodlake Property Owners Association
Official Posting
Message from the President
Dear Homeowner,

When each of us purchased our homes/lots we all agreed to the covenants. These covenants keep all of us and our property values protected. If you drive around the lake you can see areas that do not have an HOA and they usually suffer because of it. Sometimes, we would all like to have exceptions made for us and no one else. We want to do something that is not allowed and sometimes we even justify what we want by saying to ourselves that "so and so is getting away with something,  so I can do this".

The new board has met and we believe that a moderate approach to the covenants is in order. We all agreed that we would keep our yards attractive, and this means mowing them. As the covenants provide, the board also is going to enforce yards that do not have a house on them as well. If you own property in Woodlake please make sure that your grass and brush are mowed so that they are not unsightly from the street. This does mean that as far back as you can see from the street we expect the yard and brush to be mowed.

Please, we ask that you review your covenants - they can be found on www.woodlake.net and make sure that you are in compliance. No one wants to call, email, or send you a letter. If you get a request from the board, please take care of the issue as soon as possible.  We all find our neighborhood to be a great one in which to live. However, we also have a responsibility to keep it that way and letting each of our yards individually lapse into disrepair hurts everyone. Thank you for your help in keeping Woodlake a beautiful place!

Bill King
President, Woodlake Homeowners Association